"The program gave me a close-up view of political, business and social issues and trends, information that is invaluable to me as an entrepreneur and active participant in the success of our great state. The speakers were incredible� they inspired us and stretched our minds. The opportunity to connect with successful and dynamic California women leaders was a main highlight. Being part of Leadership California is like being part of a powerful sisterhood."

—Ursula C. Mentjes, M.S., ACC
President and Certified Business Coach
Potential Quest, Inc.
"I have enjoyed my involvement with Leadership California. Our trip to the state capitol was most enlightening. As a result I have gotten involved with the Los Angeles African American Women's Political Action Committee. Thank you, Leadership California, for sparking a genuine interest in the political process."

—Shawn Farrar
Director Corporate Diversity
Sempra Energy
"The CIT program brings together successful women from all over California, and gives them the opportunity to build a network with other successful women. It's a way to learn about the important issues in our state, and to get ready to take the next step in your professional life."

—Isela Vilchis Hoenigmann
"Leadership California has provided me a panoramic view of issues, challenges and opportunities for this lovely state that I live in. The program was my introduction to women of unbelievable talent, experience and passion who are set to make a difference. The feeling to want to be more, to accomplish more, is simply contagious. I hope to know these women for the rest of my life."

—Rosario Montes-Arena
Manager, IBM Software Executive Briefing Program
Silicon Valley & Worldwide Briefing Program
"As a young immigrant woman working in the nonprofit sector, it was inspiring to see women leaders in action, to be able to network with them, and talk about the issues that are relevant to our communities and our state. I feel honored and privileged for the opportunity to participate in such an awesome program that weaves women leaders from different sectors and geographies of California to engage in a conversation about the social, political, and economic fabric of California."

—Winnie Hui-Min Yu
Development Associate
Asian Law Caucus
San Francisco
"I've spent half of my work life in the corporate world, and the past ten years in the nonprofit world, but neither taught me how to be who I am at work�the whole pastiche of talent and spirit. I found role models who excited me, the true state of our state of California (which frustrated me), work partners continually learning like me, and friends."

—Peta G. Penson, Ed. D.
Oakland Unified School District
"Leadership California sessions feature influential speakers and lively discussion on timely issues shaping the economy and workforce. The session on work-life balance struck a chord with me, where key leaders advised us to map out a personal career plan. Networking with other women was invaluable. Leadership California is an engaging and downright fun experience."

—Roberta Tinajero-Frankel
Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit Dept.
Healthy Eating, Active Living Project Manager
"Simply put, Leadership California is time well spent that will benefit me personally and professionally for years to come. I've not only kept in contact with my fellow classmates on a social level, but have had opportunities to work with some of them on business projects as our professional paths crossed. The sessions gave in-depth looks at the critical social issues that many Californians face, inspiring me to get more involved in my community�s outreach programs."

—Teena Massingill
Manager of Corporate Public Affairs
Safeway Inc.

2009 CIT Session IV
SAN DIEGO–Sustaining the Quality of Life in California for Ourselves and Others

The Leadership California Class of 2009 at Graduation Ceremonies, Westgate Hotel, San Diego on November 9

Class of 2009 Graduation    

Donna Duhe and Jenny Mack

Toni Miller, Karen Perkins, Michele Nealon-Woods, Danita Leese, Francoise Aylmer, Francie Quaas-Berryman, Karen Vielhaber

Nora Vargas, Melanie Shelby, Denise Miles, Elaine Washington, Tracy Felix, Donna Duhe, Dahlia Moodie, Indira Uppuluri, Selena Ingram 

Jennifer Kennedy, Nancy Monaghan, Agnes Lee, Sylvia Andrew, Hillary Weingast, Emilie Murase 

Karen Harris, Denise Miles, Shelly Sharp, Tara Hall Agid, Denise Brosseau, Kelly Everidge, Laura Sellheim, Janine Watkins-Ivie

Marianne Kim, Donna Burke, Phyllis Miller, Jenny Mack, Diana Baughman, Nadia Scipio del Campo, Donna Duhe, Clare Hasler

Kimberly Holland, June Lee-Bayha, Karen Goodman, Kim Oka, Lynn Matsuda, Sonia Rhodes, Deborah Wong, Patricia Wong, Ahn Vo 

Danita Leese

Francie Quaas-Berryman

Nadia Scipio del Campo

Shelly Sharp

Toni Miller

Tracy Felix
At the Session      

Class in session at the Westgate Hotel in San Diego with Pam Hemann, Executive Director, at the mic.

Sally Helgesen, right, author & consultant on Women's Leadership, presented "The Daily Practice of Support," from the Leadership Series. At the mic is classmember Indira Uppuluri

Session guests from Leadership California staff and board included, from left, incoming President Debbie Manning ('02); Barbara Kaufman, Ph.D.; Sally Helgesen; outgoing President Cathleen Greiner ('03).

Classmembers Emily Murase and Selena Ingram shared a moment at the session.

Debbie Manning; Leadership California Donor Relations Coordinator Carrie Calkins; Cathleen Greiner.

Debbie Manning and Cathleen Greiner 

Patricia Wong, Elaine Washington, Emilie Murase, Nora Vargas, Tracy Felix, Melanie Shelby

Jocelyn Zona, Jenny Mack, Kim Oka, Sylvia Andrew, Ahn Vo and Marianne Kim

Jennifer Kennedy, Nancy Monaghan, Karen Perkins, Donna Burke, Nolice Edwards

Day 2 of the Session: Molly Cartmill ('00), Director, Local Government Relations, Sempra Energy, introduced "Leading the Way to Infrastructure Solutions" with Lee Krevat, Director, Smart Grid, San Diego Gas & Electric.

Lee Krevat described how a modernized power grid will change lives at home and at work and will protect communities from shortages and outages.

Denise Brosseau, CEO & Founder, Brosseau & Associates & The Brosseau Group, gave an overview of social media.
 Lessons Learned on the Journey    

Moderator Barbara Kaufman, Ph.D. of ROI Consulting Group, Inc. 
introduced speakers in "Women Leaders: Lessons Learned on the Journey." 

"Lessons Learned" segment included moderator Barbara KaufmanThella Bowens, President & CEO, San Diego Airport Authority; and Connie Matsui, Executive Vice President, Knowledge and Innovation Networks, Biogen Idec. 

Connie Matsui and Thella Bowens answered questions from classmembers after the presentation. 
 Science & Society at Scripps    

An early morning bus ride brought the class to Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institute of Oceanography at the University of California.

The Birch Aquarium is an exploration center for adults and children to learn about the mission and cutting-edge discoveries at Scripps.

The entry foyer features life-size models of sea creatures and art glass murals of seahorses.
The class toured the aquarium before visiting hours for a behind-the-scenes look.

Lynn Matsuda sampled the breakfast buffet provided by Sempra Energy 

Nigella Hillgarth, Ph.D. gave an introduction to the research and exhibits at the aquarium and shared highlights from her career as a zoologist and institutional executive director. 

Live corals and reef dwelling animals are featured in the aquarium exhibits. 

Classmembers visited a kelp forest display.

Scripps researchers track the decline of coral reefs globally.

Denise Brosseau, Nigella Hillgarth, Pam Hemann 

Pam Hemann, Nigella Hillgarth, Ph.D. 

Nigella Hillgarth gave the class a sneak peek at a new seahorse exhibit.

Elaine Washington, Marily Mondejar

Outdoor exhibits include a tidepool display where classmembers touched sea anemones. 

Nadia Scipio del Campo and Karen Vielhaber enjoyed views of the Pacific

Donna Burke and Nigella Hillgarth, Ph.D.

Ramesh Rao, Ph.D., Director, San Diego Division, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2) with Pam Hemann. Rao described his role in the many research initiatives at the institution.

Pam Hemann addressed the class at the Calit2 auditorium.

The class viewed short video segments in super high-definition. Existing films can be upgraded into super-HD with Calit2's technical innovations.

Francie Quaas-Berryman did a flyover of Mars in a 3-D environment.

Nolice Edwards tried out a new role as a weather reporter using greenscreen technology.

Karen Harris encountered a giant virtual dog in super high-definition.

Sonia Rhodes, Diana Baughman and Karen Perkins experimented with exotic vacation locales on the greenscreen. Too bad it was virtual!

Room-sized satellite images of the earth provided an amazing display of Calit2's innovations. 


Cox Communications Ultimate Skybox    

Karen Perkins and Elaine Washington enjoyed the view from the Cox Ultimate Skybox.

The class lunched on a terrace high above the city.

Ileana Ovalle, Senior Manager, External Affairs, Cox Communications, addressed the group.

Deborah Wong, Marianne Kim, Jenny Mack 

Pam Hemann, with guests Judy Forrester, President/CEO, Lead San Diego, and Sherrie-Lyn Thompson, Vice President, Lead San Diego.


Market Creek Village and Jacobs Center    

Lisette Islas, Director of Community Organizing, and Lefaua Leilua, International Outreach Team at the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation at Market Creek Village spoke on the community's vision for successful development that reduced crime and poverty and brought diverse ethnic groups together.

A coalition of small stakeholders and their remarkable, inclusive process became a model for communities across the country.

Above, the Jo & Vi Jacobs Community Center anchors the development, which links parks, transit, cultural art, commercial developments, housing and educational facilities.

A bridge connects the community center and the commercial portions of the development.

Market Creek Village is a commercial and cultural hub offering venues for large events and indoor and outdoor celebrations.

A collection of traditional houses represents the many cultures of the community.

Large outdoor spaces were built to accommodate community events.

A visit to Market Creek Village demonstrates a community's recognition of exceptional leaders in its public art installations.

Market Creek Plaza is a commercial development reflecting culturally significant architectural elements and colors contributed by the community, such as the tile patterned walkway.
Public Policy Leadership, Class Farewell    

Dede Alpert, Former Senator, State of California and Special Advisor for Public Policy & Strategic Planning at Nielsen, Merksamer, Parrinello, Mueller & Naylor, LLP, spoke on Public Policy Leadership.

The class of 2009 said goodbye at a farewell luncheon at the Westgate.

A classmember gifted the class with rings from Market Creek.



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